the graduation speech by Anna and Izman

Derecho de Nacimiendo

Mateo just posed this song, which forever will be my personal UWC song.

My first year from China posted this, where the red are what they are not allowed to use in China.


I cant actually believe that it is over. Everyone is signing yearbooks and talking about “last times”, but I still can’t realize it.

I appearently spent my two last night before graduation night studying ESS.

I also had a long and interesting conversation with some random latinos in the dayroom.

I’ll miss this international enviornment so much

I just booked my San Francisco tickets for Global Citizen Year! :D

Yesterday I randomly walked into Thea, and we started complaining about the Internet problems at school. This resulted in that we went to Dale to get internet, where we ended up sitting in the cafe for 6 hours chatting about how the world works. Then we got back home, and I watched one episode of Game of thrones with Åge before I went to the audotorium to watch ESC with Thea. We were really enthusiastic, and talked continusly during the show.

Then we went to a field, where there was a party. It started with only 6 people, but I think around 35 people passed by. It was supernice, and a nice way to say goodbye to the people I’ve lived with for so long

History paper 3

So now I am a little bit afraid, after a bad paper 2 and a bad paper 3. It is actually a possibility of me failing this subject, and therefore failing my diploma.

I had looked through many past papers, and I could always answer 3 questions to a certain extent. But when I opened this, all I could think about was “shit, shit, shit.”.

I wrote one essay about opposition movements in Russia between 1881 and 1914. Well, people were unhappy, but any opposition movement, nope….

Then I wrote one essay about why the democratical government in Germany between 1919 and 1924 survived. I don’t even know who was the leader of that government. I know most aspect of Germany from 1930 and until 1950 (except detailed about their economy, except that it was shitty), but almost nothing before that. Well, I know that people did not like it. So why did it survive? I know Hitler did a coup in 1922ish, why did that fail? What useful did they do those days to maintain the democraty over a people who did not actually support a democraty? I dont know.

The third essay was about if Stalin got the power due to weak opposition. I really don’t like Stalin, and was aiming for the interwar period and imperial Russia. So yeah. That was Trotsky, Bukarin, those two others I kalled K. and Z. due to lack of memory about their name. So yeah, Stalin hopefully did some tactically smart things, and got the power. Even tho Lenin’s testament talked against him.

13.5 pages, whereas only 3 were about things I knew. The rest was bullshit.

Worst case scenario: 2